REMINDER: All orders from the STAG Sales Event are made to order! 

I will be fulfilling the orders and shipping in the order of your STAG Bidder Number (NOTE: This may slightly vary as I may choose to jump ahead if certain items are ready and can fulfill an order). The spreadsheet below lists all of the paid STAG bidder numbers and will reflect the current order status for that assigned #. Follow along here to see where I am in production and shipping. The first orders may not start shipping out until mid August. If you ordered an AHI, SON OF TAKESHI your entire order may have a bit more delay as he more complicated to cast etc. I hope to have all orders out by the end of September but this is subject to change. I will be working diligently to fulfill all orders in a timely manner ...that is my priority! 

If you have any further questions or concerns about your order (address change etc)

please email Josie at info@studiothoronrose.com
- Kylee

* Scroll to locate your number *

Here is some information on how I will be running my Facebook Live Sale Event! 

WHEN/WHERE: July 9, 2020 @ 6pm EDT (3pm PST) during my Live Sale

on my Studio Thornrose Facebook page



Entering is EASY & FREE ! Simply fill out the short form below that asks for your name, PayPal address, and USPS shipping address. When completing your FB Live Bidder Form simply click the box that says YES if you would like to purchase “TOSHI” and the number of copies you would like for $55 each + Shipping. No payment is due now, this will be invoiced after the FB  STAG Live Sale and added to any purchases made during the sale. You do not have to be present during the STAG Live Sale to purchase your “TOSHI” however you will need to be present to purchase any other items. For more information on "TOSHI" and the special cause a % of his purchase price benefits click here.

CLICK HERE to be taken to the ENTRY FORM located at the botton of the page!

When you register as a buyer you will be assigned an official BIDDER NUMBER. Josie will send you this number after you have completed the registration form. You will use this number to buy items during the sale. Each edition for sale at the event has been assigned a LETTER. When you go to buy something you will need to comment your BIDDER # and the item LETTER. NOTHING ELSE! Very simple… here are some examples of acceptable purchase comments…

Johnny Depp:  B47

Bob Marley:  16 - B

Scooby Doo: 192B 

Reese Witherspoon:  62 B !!!

Of course you are welcome to comment other things (and I hope you do!) or ask questions or tell me I have something in my teeth but only comments similar to the above will reserve you an item. Once I say “closed / done” etc no further reservations will be allowed on that piece… I will be moving on to the next lot.


Please be sure you want these items and can purchase them if you choose to make a BID COMMENT. Your bids represent binding contract and your commitment to purchasing these special items from me. Any default in payments or communication could ban you from future live sales! At the end of the sale Josie will invoice you via PayPal for the amount of items purchased + the flat shipping fee. Payment is due within 24 hours. PayPal ONLY! No time payments or trades. Please communicate with myself or Josie if there are any problems paying the amount due on time.. Any unpaid/unclaimed items will go up for sale on my website. 


The last day to enter as a bidder is WEDNESDAY, JULY 8 @ 5pm PST - any entries received after this time will be disregarded. We need a sufficient amount of time to get everyone their numbers prior to the sale.

“TOSHI” ~ Special BENEFIT Event Exclusive Medallion - CLICK HERE TO SEE TOSHI!

As a bonus, BIDDER ENTRANTS  automatically have the option to purchase this new piece:  “TOSHI”! This piece is only available to registered bidders and won’t be for sale during the FB Live event nor after the event. He is exclusively available to bidder entrants! When completing your FB Live Bidder Form simply click the box that says YES you would like to purchase “TOSHI” and the number of copies you would like for $55 each + flat rate shipping (see shipping rates below). No payment is due now; the cost will be invoiced after the FB Live sale and added to any purchases made during the sale. 

You do not have to be present during the live sale to purchase the “TOSHI”, however you will need to be present to purchase any other items.  


 I have decided that 10% of sales of my upcoming FB Sale event medallion, “Toshi”, will be going to an organization close to my heart - poorpeoplescampaign.org

The Poor People's Campaign picks up where Martin Luther King Jr’s campaign left off, and is a “NATIONAL CALL FOR MORAL REVIVAL: Bringing people together to confront the interlocking evils of systemic racism, poverty, ecological devastation, militarism and the war economy, and the distorted moral narrative of religious nationalism."

For those who feel compelled to do something other than share a post, I hope you too will join me in donating to poorpeoplescampaign.org or any organization that helps to finally end the racism and injustices! 

This is my path… choose yours


Full schedule of events available for viewing (subject to change)

This will list each item in order of appearance and how many of each piece will be available. There will be roughly 25-100 pieces available for each release. To keep things moving I will quickly call out the winning buyer numbers as they come in and have my colleague write them down… if no more comments for purchasing come in after 10 seconds, I will move on to the next piece! Josie will receive the final master list for invoicing. Any left over items plus a small selection of pieces may be held out to list for sale in my Click-N-Mortar shop through out the weekend. 



The FB STAG Live Sale will have combined shipping (domestic & international). This is the flat rate shipping rate price no matter how many items are purchased during the sale or prior (Toshi). 

    STAG Live Sale Flat Rate Shipping Rates:

    $12 US Shipping

    $17 CAN Shipping

    $25 All other international Shipping


However, any left over pieces purchased on my website over the weekend post-sale will have shipping built in to each piece INDIVIDUALLY, making it more expensive. I encourage everyone to purchase during the FB STAG Live Sale if possible!


I will be doing multiple giveaways during the event. Some will just be randomly drawn from registered bidders (you must be present to win) and others will be given away to the first to correctly answer some trivia questions! What will I give away? How about a really special new piece that CAN'T BE PURCHASED - EVER! This piece will be a new giveaway/event piece that will only be available to win during the FB STAG Live Sale, event weekend and possibly used as one of the prizes at my January Medallion Show!


- I encourage everyone to register early! The smaller, earlier assigned #’s could be faster and easier to type when it comes time to make your comment to purchase.


- I recommend you have your bidder # typed up in your comment section ready to go BEFORE the lot letter is announced This will have you ready to go and hopefully get your comment sent in time.


- Trivia questions do not have your bidder number attached but I will ask you your number if you are the FIRST to answer correctly.



FAQ - I will add to this page as questions come up...


Do I have to register as a bidder if I just want to watch and not buy?

 - No! You are welcome to join the party even if you don't plan on buying anything. However, this also means you are not eligible for giveaways and trivia questions so it is best to register just in case - it is FREE & EASY!


What if I want more than one of a specific piece?

 - One item per comment but you can comment as many times as you want if you want multiples of a certain piece.

Please direct questions to Josie at info@studiothornrose.com

Official S.T.A.G. Entry form


If you would like the opportunity to purchase any item(s) at the upcoming event  you will need to complete the form below and you will be assigned an official BIDDER #. Josie will send you your number once your entry has been received. You will be required to use this # during the event so be sure to remember it!



It may take up to 3 days to receive your assigned number

and/or any questions answered by Josie or myself!


If for some reason you need to edit your submission please email Josie at info@studiothornrose.com and she will manually make the change(s)

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