Large Classic Scale Shetland Pony Stallion


Measures 4.75” (12.5 cm) High x  5.75” (14.5 cm) Long

2017 Limited Edition

*Image of master copy shown in red primer*

PRICING/PAYMENT:   PayPal ONLY; no time payments available at this time

  • $200ppd within the US

  • $220ppd  int’l


Your TADPOLE order will include:

  • Signed and numbered COA with a special place for you or your favorite painter to complete as well!

  • A NEW Tadpole sticker only available with the resin

  • Custom Silky Sack Bag by Megan Cotte hand made to fit your very own little Tadpole!

  • ..and a few other surprise goodies!


BATCH SALES INFO: I will not be selling the batches in the typical first-come-first-basis as I cannot accommodate all time zones and work schedules - I want to keep things as fair as possible!

  • I will announce each BATCH SALE on my Facebook, Instagram , my newsletter & Update here in my site. Be sure to "like/follow" on my Facebook & Instagram and subscribe to my newsletter in the CONTACT section for the batch sales updates & availability!


  • You will have THREE days to place an order! If you would like to purchase one you will have 3 days from the batch sales announcement date to email me at kylee@studiothornrose.com  SUBJECT LINE: TADPOLE with your FULL NAME and USPS mailing address and Paypal address or email address you would like the PayPal invoice sent to (I have been told you do not need a PayPal account but can just "checkout" via the invoice sent with any credit or debit card.

  • THIS FINAL BATCH WILL ONLY BE OPEN TO THOSE WHO HAVE NOT GOTTEN A TADPOLE YET!!!  Meaning those who were selected in previous lotteries are not eligible to enter this lottery. ONE Tadpole per person per batch.

  •  I’ll randomly draw names after the 3 day ordering period has closed ONLY If there are more orders than Tadpoles available. If there are 30 Tads available and 30 or less place an order a “lottery” will not be needed obviously and invoices will be sent to the appropriate orders pertaining to that batch.

  •  I’ll send PayPal invoices and confirmation emails to buyers / selected winners and you will have 24hrs to pay the you invoice in full or I’ll move down the list or save him for the next batch. I will also do my VERY best to respond to those not selected in the lottery if need be. 


I appreciate everyone’s understanding as embark on this journey into resin sales ! I always try to remain as fair and honest to each of you which is why I want to try this system and see how it goes ! 

As many of you know, I had my big “Toadstool” 3D scanned and printed to a much smaller and manageable form by Seunta, LLC. After some reworking and added detailed we now have ...“Tadpole”! He is a smug little Shetland pony stallion in the large classic scale measuring 4.75” (12.5 cm) at the highest point and 5.75” (14.5 cm) in length. 

Tadpole is being released as a limited edition resin. He will be cast by Seunta, LLC in and will be a two mold run. There will be 10 artist proofs. Each edition to be numbered and noted on his corresponding COA. Tadpole will be sold as an unpainted and unprepped blank resin and is intended to be finished by the buyer/owner - this includes finishwork and any customization/alteration as long my artist stamp under his left stifle remains visible.

All pieces will be sold in batches as I have them IN HAND from the casting company. Batch sizes will vary from roughly 10-30 pieces at a time. I will have 2 molds running at once in the hopes of larger batches that are more frequent. Once the 2 molds are deemed unusable the edition will be closed. 

"Tadpole" can ONLY be purchased through me via email at


 *** See sales batch sales info below ***

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