3cm Tall 3D Printed Micro Mini Shetland Pony Stallion

Open ordering from Saturday, Nov 28th - Thursday, Dec. 31st ONLY!


Pollywog DEPOSIT

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for $15 until Dec 31st, 2020

$60PPD/ea within the US

$68PPD/ea with CAN shipping

$72PPD/ea with Int’l shipping

Add to cart deposit of $15 - Remainder due when your copy is ready to ship!

(combined shipping provided for multi-item purchases - billed in final invoice)


POLLYWOG will go live for OPEN ORDERING at 10:00 AM PST 11/28/2020 and the FIRST BATCH of paid in full pieces will be available! This first batch will be limited to 25 pieces and are in-hand and ready to ship. These are perfect for those who want a Pollywog to paint or have for a holiday gift or sales piece! Combined shipping will not be available on these first in-hand pieces.

EDITION INFORMATION: Pollywog is a micro mini version of my extra large Toadstool sculpture and now measures only 3cm tall - he is on the larger end of the MM spectrum for a Shetland Pony stallion in this scale but I wanted to be sure all his little details would be front and center and that he would not only be a joy to paint but also not being TOO delicate. This particular piece is the absolute purest reflection of my precious original, Toadstool... a true MINIATURE Toadstool more than any of the other scales!  Each Pollywog will come packed lovingly with his monogrammed box for not just extra protection in shipping but also as a safe place for storage and travel - in style!


Pollywog is supplied in unpainted 3D print grey resin. 3D Printing is being done by the amazing Rayvin Maddock of Khrysalis Studios. I am so grateful for her skill, expertise and time in helping me bring this little guy to fruition! Rayvin has spent countless hours cleaning up this older scan and deepening and “punching” out all of those tiny details! He came out absolutely FANTASTIC! Until now, I was unaware that this level of detail was capable in something so small!

You will not believe your eyes.


3D Printed castings have NO SEAMS and have very few little sprue-like bumps from printing supports that sand away extremely easy. These pieces come cleaned but not prepped. They are quite fragile much like tiny resins. They clean up quite quickly and even require less primer.  Some faint printing lines can be seen but are part of the process and typically buff out with a soft nail buffing sponge or even disappear with initial layers of primer or paint. I opted for this media due to the ease in prepping, the seamless aspect, lightness in hand and ability to give customers detail closer to the original large sculptures as much as could be possible in this small scale!

 NOTE: This is a small piece portraying a small breed and it is VERY fragile. This is fine art, not a toy and is not suitable for small children. Please handle with extreme care. No refunds. Purchase at your own risk! If a piece arrives to you broken I will do my best to replace the item but I cannot replace items broken once in the buyer’s care. You have 48hrs upon arrival to inspect your piece and contact me with any issue. After that time period has lapsed I cannot guarantee a replacement. 

PRICING/SHIPPING: Pollywog is $60 PPD in the US. Canadian shipping is $68 PPD. All other international shipping $72 PPD. Combined shipping is available for multiple piece orders and will be billed to you at the discount rate when your items are ready to ship and accurately calculated. A $15 non-refundable deposit per cast will be required up front to reserve your order, and there are no quantity limits as to how many you can order! As usual, I am not accepting time payments. If you need payments, I accept credit cards and you can work them out with your bank.


PAYMENT: You will be sent a Paypal invoice for the remaining balance when your piece(s) are ready to ship. You do not need a Paypal account to pay the invoice, though you are certainly welcome to use yours if you have it. Credit cards happily accepted. Balance in full will be billed close to your product(s)' shipping time. Unfortunately, you cannot pay your invoice off before your piece is ready to ship. If you have questions regarding Pollywog - questions prior to ordering or post order status,  I ask that you please email Josie at info@studiothornrose.com and not to my email. I am going to do my best to make art and allow Josie to handle the emailing!

THESE ARE PRE-ORDERS: These pieces are made to order and ship in batches to me from Canada. Unless you are purchasing one (or more) of the initial in-hand pieces you are only required to pay a small deposit of $15 per piece(s) until your item(s) is ready to ship. Usually we can begin shipping these within a month or two of orders being taken. However if you are at the end of a long line of orders, please keep in mind it may be a wait before we can fulfill. 



IMPORTANT: These invoices are DUE ON RECEIPT. 

Due on receipt means due on receipt... not a day later.... not a week later. Not go sell your piece(s) so you can try to afford this one. Not go try to sell this horse to make a big profit when you don’t technically own it yet and let the artist hang and deny her her profit that is allowing you to make yours in the first place. Any reselling of pieces before you have said item in-hand, will not only get your order canceled without notification but I may choose to no longer conduct business with you in this future.


To reiterate, just pay your invoice... if there is any delay on your end, just let us know.  I’m not going to have Josie hound people for payment because I shouldn’t and don’t have to. Silence will only get your order canceled sooner. If you have not paid or  COMMUNICATED within 48 hours of invoice receipt, we will cancel your invoice with or without notice. If you are, for example, a day away from payday, then LET US KNOW and I can promise you it’ll be fine. Despite this initial tone, we really are quite friendly if you just communicate with us! Silence will only get your order canceled. Also, as a courtesy, if you know you aren’t going to be able to pay for the piece at the time your invoice is made, please don’t make me wait 48 hours to cancel the invoice before you alerting us!


Got questions? Email Josie - info@studiothornrose.com







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