The S.T.A.G. Event Benefit Medallion

$55 each

10% of all sales are donated to the www.poorpeoplescampaign.org to help end systemic racism

Available to registered entrants for the Stag EveNt


The "Wee-Z" Collection

WEE-Z is the 4.5" mini mirrored version of my big Zephyr medallion with some FUN variations! He still sits up with his tail permanently attached.


The WEE-Z Collection will NOT be sold randomly or blindly. Each will have their “lot” time during the S.T.A.G. Live Sale with *OPEN ORDERING* (except Puffle Pony) so you have a chance to purchase your favorite! 

The Wee-Z collection features FOUR different pieces:

Perfect Pony- $60 *OPEN ORDERING*
Ponyplume - $60 OPEN ORDERING*
Pegacorn - $60 OPEN ORDERING*
Puffle Pony - $70 (LIMITED TO 40 PIECES)


The “Puffle Pony” will be an ultra-rare piece and he won’t be unveiled until the S.T.A.G. Live Sale! 😱 He will be LIMITED to 40 pieces at $70 each as a special collector’s item so stay sharp and ready to comment when his lot time comes up ! 



Free-standing Reiner Medallion measuring 3.5" tall  x 6.5" long; $70 each

Available for *OPEN ORDERING* During the S.T.A.G. Facebook Live Sale!


Shhhhhh sweet little “Tucker” is all tuckered out and dreaming 😴👼😍🤫

This little pony foal’s mother had complications in delivery and was rushed to surgery in an effort to save her life, never getting the opportunity to mother her baby and leaving this precious little one an orphan. He formed a bond with an oversized plushie bear that he never wanders far from. You can find them snuggling during nap time and throughout the lonely nights. Won’t you give this lonely orphan a forever home and all the love he needs? 

Tucker and his friend Teddy have the “high” relief like traditional model horse resin but cast like a medallion!  This was quite a challenge to keep in mind while I was sculpting them but something I really wanted to try. I’m beyond pleased with the result and the ease and quality of the castings! I feel this crossover piece is the best of both worlds.

This special piece measures 7.5” x 6” and is cast in white resin and sold unpainted at $200 each + combined shipping during the sale. He will be only be available to order during the STAG Live Sale on my studio Facebook on Thursday, July 9 at 3pm PST/ 6pm EST. That’s right ORDER - you will be available to reserve your own copy / copies with the live sale commenting format. He will NOT be available for ordering after the sale - this is it!  How many orders are received during the live sale is how many I will make!

*photos of original sculpture shown*


Another piece making their S.T.A.G. Debut is “Kaysha”! 💓 She is *MINI*MIRRORED* variation of my popular “Khai” medallion! 😱 She measures just under 3x3” and was beautifully shrinkified by Rayvin Maddock - Thank you, my friend!!! 💕 Isn’t she just the cutest little potato chip ?!?! 😭 “Kaysha” is named after my very special auntie who has always been a huge part of my life. My family and I have been given some very painful news regarding my aunt’s health in the past couple weeks and I’ve been trying to process it and do my best to still get through the S.T.A.G. Event and BreyerFest. I knew I always wanted a little piece of my loving aunt floating around in my hobby world and she is spicy and beautiful just like this little mare ! Hearing her name and seeing this piece on show tables and in collections will forever warm my heart ! 😇 You can snag your “KAYSHA” for $40 each during the S.T.A.G. Live event via open ordering and spread all the love Kaysha Love just like my aunt does 💕 LOVE YOU, AUNTIE!!! Now and always ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Medallionopoly 2020 MINI Edition

5-Piece Set with one mystery piece!
$60 for the set
Not sold randomly or blindly


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